The Friends of Kimble Churches is a registered charity which exists to protect two ancient historical churches in the Kimbles in Buckinghamshire, England. The churches have great historical significance. All Saints in Little Kimble has some beautiful medieval wall paintings which the Friends’ helped to restore.
St Nicholas in Great Kimble is where the English Civil War is said to have started, being the site where John Hampden refused to pay King Charles 1st’s “stealth tax” (Ship Money).

Both churches are in regular use but the burden of caring and maintaining the fabric of these beautiful old churches is great. To help discharge this task a special charity, The Friends of Kimble Churches was formed to raise money specifically for the maintenance, repair and enhancement of the fabric of the two churches.

This site is still  in preparation and my apologies to those who have missed the old site over the past few months.  More content is coming soon and we hope to make the site more interactive, allowing virtual and physical visitors to leave comments, suggestions and observations.

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